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Make sense of your IP

Managing your intellectual property should be easier, smarter, make business sense and cost you less.
With SenseIP your IP will start making sense.

Make sense of your ideas

Have a new idea? we can help! Protect your idea as a provisional patent in a few minutes, at minimal cost and with unique insights about value and potential competition!
You can get a "patent pending" in just a few minutes!

Trusted partnership and integrations

Bringing you all the data you need, with unique added value

Your company has Intellectual Property.
You invested a lot in it.
Can you answer these questions?

Do you know that your IP protects your company?

Do you know the real value of your IP?

Are you spending too much on your IP?

Is your business at risk from competition?

Most organization are left with question marks. senseIP's AI engine provides answers - let us show you how.

In the information age, IP-producing companies can no longer trust traditional methods to evaluate the IP landscape or keep up with the data to formulate a quality IP strategy.

What is the real strength of your IP?

Want ho hear more? let's meet! Schedule a 1-on-1 with one of our experts, and we will answer all your questions, show you a full demo and discuss how we can assist (with some free tips).

senseIP brings the Intellectual Property Business Revolution

With our AI engine, IP and business are automatically aligned. You can better understand and improve the business value of your IP:

Reduce Risk

Don't be blind-sided by competition. Don't pay millions to fight patent abuse, demand letters and patent trolls.

Save Money

Stop paying annuities and maintenance for irrelevant patents, don't invest in low-quality patents and cut R&D costs.

Measure and Increase IP Value

Know exactly what's the value of your IP and how it serves your business purposes.

It's simple!

It's a one-stop shop for all corporate IP needs.

Automatic, Smart Portfolio Management

Powerfull AI analysis generate tasks with prioritizes

Automatic correlation of your business/products to your IP

Reduce your IP budget by at least 10%

All you need is to provide us with your company name, our AI will take it from there!

Whatever your role is, senseIP can help:

IP Managers

IP management, reinvented

Helps you work smarter, automate your work, and focus on the important/strategic things.


Get to know your organization IP

Get a clear picture of your business's value and potential risks. Keep it all under control. Keep your competitive edge.


Freedom to operate

Protect your innovation. Get continuous insights about competitors, reduce development risks

What is the real strength of your IP?

Try for yourself!

Make the most sense of your IP portfolio. Start monitoring your IP portfolio and gain insights into its management.

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